Hosting Company and choosing a suitable one

hosting company

Hosting Company and choosing a suitable one

7 Tips on Selecting a Hosting Company

Let’s face it; it is essential for businesses to own a website in this internet age. Why having a website for your business is important? Simply due to the fact that its the norm now for people to research, read up or locate almost anything online. In order to stay competitive, your business needs to show up in the search results so that potential customer can find out about you.

The very first step you would want to do is to look for a reliable hosting company that will manage your website’s files and emails – these data are a crucial part of your business! So what do you look out for when selecting a hosting company?

Here’s 7 tips from us!

# 1 – Established Since

If the hosting company has more than 5 years experience, they should be safe.

# 2 – Data Center Environment

Choose a hosting company that host at data center. They should not be self-hosted in a non-data center environment.

# 3 – Reliable Server

The hosting company should have their infrastructures running on reliable servers. Servers are designed to prevent any data lose or interruption in workflow during a hardware failure. Thus, it acts as a backup for your business’ files and data.

# 4 – Multi-home Network and Multiple Upstreams

Don’t go for hosting company that only relies on single ISP. Multihome network has multiple upstreams providers. So in any case that an event is down, there are other upstreams to rely on.

# 5 – Team of Experts

It is crucial to look for a hosting company that has a team of professional experts that are able to assist and support you 24/7 whenever you need.

# 6 – Large Customers Base

How big are we referring to? Well, if the hosting company host more than 100 customers, we would say they are good to be included in your consideration list.

# 7 – Own a range of IPs

The hosting company that owns a range of IPs has more control and free to move anywhere as they are not dependant on a single ISP.