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WordPress specialized web hosting services!

Unlike conventional hosting plans. Our WordPress web hosting plans are tweaked and customized to work well with WordPress CMS. It is powered by optimized database, apache, and high memory and IOPS. The servers are also hardened to prevent common WordPress attacks e.g xmlrpc blocking, brute force attempts, and scanning activities.

This is to ensure that your site loads extremely fast and secure from hackers.

With a team of experts

Hosting your WordPress with us also ensures that your site is well taken off as we can provide maintenance and support if you need it. With our professional support and developers, you can be sure that your site is safe.

Bundled with Control Panel

Our hosting services are bundled with Directadmin Control Panel/Cpanel which allows you to manage your site easily. We also have a bundled WordPress installer that allows you to install WordPress CMS with one click.

You can also handle your WordPress backups directly from the hosting control panel. 


Maintaining high standards

QUAPE has a record of 99% uptime & above!

We host our servers in a Tier 3 data center in Rackscentral with our multi-homed network, AS131582. We believe in providing our customers with the best equipment, hardware, and network. This methodology enables us to maintain and provide a very high uptime for over 10 years.

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We fully optimize your site to its best potential with our high-speed network, scalable servers, SEO friendly websites, cybersecurity protections, responsive layouts that loads extremely fast!

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