This article will guide you to add a grouped product in your WooCommerce. Kindly follow the instructions below.

A grouped product is created identically to a simple product. The only difference is you choose the Grouped option from the Product Type drop down.

woocommerce grouped product 1

Firstly, we have to create a parent product. Select ‘Grouped’ from the Product Type Dropdown.

Upon setting the product as Grouped, the price and several fields disappear. This is common as a Grouped Product is formed with many “child products”; you will add those information to individual child products. Once completed with the grouped product, publish it. The grouped product is now an empty group hence, you need to create child products to add to this grouped product.

Create a child product

After creating a grouped product, you need to add at least one child product to the group. To create a child product, click Products > Add New to add a new product. The only information you must enter is:

  • Title
  • Product Type = Simple

You may also add a price and other product details, as you desire. Now, go to Linked Products to select the parent product from the Grouping drop down.

woocommerce grouped product 2

Once you have added a simple product to the group, click on Publish.

Well Done! You have successfully created a Grouped product.

If you are unsure on a particular field, kindly locate the "?" icon on the side. A short description will pop-up to explain and assist you on the particular field.

However, if you still require assistance or have any further enquiries, feel free to contact our support team.

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