Managing products are only allowed by Admin or Shop Managers. Products will be created when the shop has new supply of stock. Each product will be issued a unique Product ID.

Viewing a product

You can view products by clicking Products on the left admin menu. When you add new products, they will be shown in the products management page. The list displays key details such as product image, name, quantity and price. In addition, if you want to view more on a particular product, simply hover over the product name, and click on view. You will be directed to the product page similar to your customer's perspective.

You can filter the list of displayed orders by date, status, price and customers. Also, by using the various drop down menus above the product list, you can filter orders by category, product types and brands.

woocommerce view product 1

Editing a product

There are two ways to edit a product in the list:

  1. Click on the product name
  2. Hover around the product name, a panel of options will appear. Click on Edit.

woocommerce view product 2

If you prefer a faster and basic editing option, you can click on Quick Edit. Once you clicked, notice a quick edit form will appear downwards from the product name. You will still be on the Product management page.

This quick edit layout will allow you to edit key information such as product name, price, stock quantity, categories, backorders etc. However, for a more advanced and precise product editing, we do not recommend quick edit. Click Update to save your changes.

woocommerce view product 3

Duplicating a product

To save time and effort recreating a new product, this feature allow you to use a product and duplicate it to create similar products with variations and other qualities.

To start duplicating, click on WooCommerce > Products. Locate the product you wish to replicate, and click Duplicate.

Deleting a product

Step 1: Locate the product you wish to delete.

Step 2: Hover the area underneath the Product name and click Trash.

Setting catalog visibility and feature status

The Publish panel is located on the upper right corner. Through this panel, you can set catalog visibility for your product.

woocommerce view product 6

  • - Catalog and search – Visible everywhere, shop pages, category pages, & search results.
  • - Catalog – Visible in shop pages & category pages, but not search results.
  • - Search – Visible in search results, but not in the shop page or category pages.
  • - Hidden – Only visible on the single product page – not on any other pages.

Marking a Product as Featured

To mark a product as featured, head to Products, find the product you wish to mark, and select the Star in the featured column. Otherwise, you can select Quick Edit and then click on the Featured checkbox.

woocommerce view product 5

woocommerce view product 4

Product ID

A WooCommerce Product ID is required at times when using shortcodes, widgets, and links.

To find the ID, head to Products and then hover over the product. The Product ID will appear along with a panel of options.

woocommerce view product 2 ID


Note: The details shown above were used for demonstration purposes.

If you are unsure on a particular field, kindly locate the "?" icon on the side. A short description will pop-up to explain and assist you on the particular field.

However, if you still require assistance or have any further enquiries, feel free to contact our support team.

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