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Migrate your inhouse infrastructure to us!

Hosting your servers on-premise is more costly

Housing your servers on-premise requires a monthly electricity fee and dedicated static IP from local telcos normally costs the price of our colocation fees. With Co-location, you can put your servers on our Tier 3 data centers that have 99.9% uptime connectivity and 99.99% power availability for your hardware.

Putting your hardware in the datacenters also increase your hardware lifespan with constant controlled temperature and humidity. We can also bundle your colocation service with a high bandwidth connection with blocks of IPs for your IT needs.


Hosted in a secure environment

Here at QUAPE, we host our servers in a Tier 3 data center in Tai Seng with our multi-homed network, AS131582. Powered by High-Performance Dell Servers & hosted in High Availability Virtualized Containers, your site’s performance & speed will pack a punch.

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