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Apps are a game-changer for businesses.

Mobile apps can play a huge part in your business, tap into Playstore, and AppStore ecosystem to attract a wider market. Mobile apps can engage your customers by logging in easily with social networks, push notifications to engage them regularly. You can also provide functionalities such as hardware features e.g QR scanning, camera authentication, and many more.

One code base, multiple platforms

At QUAPE, we build our mobile apps using React Native, which allows us to create and maintain a single code base with multiple platforms. This enables us to develop high-quality mobile apps in the shortest timeframe.

Case study for you to explore the possibilities of building your very own mobile app with us

Books Connect Mobile Application

Books Connect was started by a group of ex-uni students who wanted to find a platform to help students connect their ideas and get guidance through their courses. It gives one the opportunity to rent, lease, sell or buy books and notes.

During the initial phase they shared their requirements and with our experience, we built for them a platform to matchmake students and ex-students that rents their books. We’ve also provided ongoing support to help enhance and improve based on feedback from customers. It is currently in Playstore and Appstore.

Slidehide Mobile Application

Slidehide established since 1995 manufacture and supply products that optimizes usage of interior space. They first approached us when their current system is failing due to the new requirements of their current business. We discussed and brainstorm and design an inhouse project management system that enables their salesman, managers, and backend to collaborate easily.

This app enables them to increase their productivity greatly and also have a bird’s eye view from the management perspective of company’s health.

Achieve endless possibilities with us

We fully optimize your site to its best potential with our high-speed network, scalable servers, SEO friendly websites, cybersecurity protections, responsive layouts that loads extremely fast!

Project Highlight

Frustrated with the rising cost of property listing platforms, a new platform Myestate.sg was born.

It has features for agents to post their listing, search comprehensive reports on URA, and many more. Our scope covers Mobile App developed in React Native and web portal developed in Laravel Framework.

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