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QUAPE is a Certified Google Adwords Partner and Yahoo Search Engine Partner. Our SEM Consultants are also Google Adwords Search Advertising Professionals that pass stringent exam and manage more than a certain sum that qualified.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) can help your website generates more clicks and leads through search engines directly using paid advertisements. SEM is about delivering traffic to your website. SEM solutions are commonly used to increase traffic, leads or e-commerce sales via PPC models or Pay Per Click.

SEM enables instant higher ranking of your website out of your thousands competitors out there in the market through the keywords that relates to the service your business is offering. SEM makes the business more approachable and be the leading brand in the market. The marketing budget that we offer is flexible based on your comfortable budget range. Any marketing campaign should generate a positive ROI (return on investment) and SEM has proven time and again to outperform most other forms of advertising, both online and offline.



Digital marketing fuels SEO by creating engaging content, optimizing keywords, and enhancing online visibility. It’s the catalyst for attracting visitors, generating backlinks, and optimizing websites to align with search engine algorithms. This synergy maximizes SEO success and elevates a brand’s online presence.

SEO is a technique that requires patience, consistency, technologies and art to organically boost your site. We provide monthly SEO work that include the following scope :

Almost everyone uses the search engine. Being top position in organic ranking enables you to have maximum exposure and many leads. We can help you achieve top position in Search engines by optimizing your site on a regular basis with good white hat practise. Speak to us to find out more.

Social Media MARKETING

The world is changing at a rapid speed towards digital. Every conventional method of locating your service have changed into social marketing and search engines . QUAPE helps to spread your services via social media streams like Facebook, Twitter.

Our services include campaign management, promotion creation and management services and fun activities to build a loyal group of customers. We also help run paid advertisements to help reach out to many new customers.

We are honoured to be a certified

Google Adwords Partner

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