Great Performance Cloud VMs

What is VPS Virtual Private Servers ? 

VPS, identified as a Virtual Private Server, is a virtual machine that gives private resources on a server with other sites.

Unlike shared hosting, your website competes with lesser sites to share the space with & you have access to the dedicated resources. Think of it as living in an apartment complex. You share the complex building with other residents, but you own a separate unit that you can decorate to your liking.

VPS uses a hypervisor, a software program that produces separate spaces within the virtual machine. This provides the separated protection from other sites receiving the hosting with you. There are boundaries: Just as how you have neighbors, you can’t trespass them as it’s their own space.

Why is VPS highly recommended?


VPS has the primitives you need, plus you can customize whatever tools you need or do not need.

VPS has greater security

compared to shared hosting. As it’s independent of various virtual servers on the hardware, it does not share resources.

Separates your website’s space from others

It hints that your website is secure even when the neighboring sites experience high traffic & computing activities caused by their consumers.

Load Faster

With dedicated resources, Your page will load faster on your consumer’s browser. 


You’re free to choose the operating software that best fits your organization’s demands.

SSL included

Every server comes with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate, a license to conceal sensitive information sent across the Internet encrypted.

Experience Triple the Performance

at the Same Cost Compared to

Public Cloud!

* Tested public cloud with GeekBench 2 VCPU 8gb ram (Score 1813) vs our VPS Cloud Two Plan (Score 5958) with similar pricing

Cloud VPS Plans & Packages

High Performance

NVMe Disk

Easy To Use CPanel

Cloud Architecture

Cloud VPS One

 per month


6GB Ram

50GB NVMe Disk

Unlimited Data Transfer

Bandwidth (Upgradable)

  • 100 Mbps
  • (5 Mbps monthly average)

Centos Web Pro Panel Included

Cloud VPS Two

 per month


12GB Ram

100GB NVMe Disk

Unlimited Data Transfer

Bandwidth (Upgradable)

  • 100 Mbps
  • (5 Mbps monthly average)

Centos Web Pro Panel Included

Cloud VPS Three

 per month


16GB Ram

150GB NVMe Disk

Unlimited Data Transfer

Bandwidth (Upgradable)

  • 100 Mbps
  • (5 Mbps monthly average)

Centos Web Pro Panel Included

Our Cloud VPS Plans allows you to customize and setup your choice of OS and Hosting Control Panel upon checkout.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a Virtual Private Server?

Select one of our plans from our ordering system and choose a VPS plans to suit your requirements. Alternatively you can get in touch with us for us to assist you in the ordering process. 

What is the difference between Hosting and Virtual Private Server?

Hosting typically involves sharing server resources with other users, providing limited customization and control. It’s cost-effective for small websites. In contrast, a Virtual Private Server (VPS) offers dedicated resources and greater customization, enhancing performance, security, and scalability. VPS hosting suits larger websites and applications with specific needs but comes at a higher cost.

is VPS better than VPN?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) serve entirely different purposes. A VPS is a hosting solution, providing dedicated server resources for website hosting and application deployment. On the other hand, a VPN is a privacy and security tool that encrypts your internet connection, masking your IP address and enhancing online privacy. They are not directly comparable. Whether one is better than the other depends on your needs: use a VPS for web hosting and resource-intensive applications, and a VPN for anonymity, data security, and accessing geo-restricted content. They can also complement each other when necessary.

How much does VPS Cost Per Month?

The cost of a Virtual Private Server (VPS) varies widely based on factors such as resources, hosting provider, and server location. There are unmanaged VPS providers that are cheaper however requires a professional DevOps to set it up correctly. At QUAPE we provide both the expertise and high performance VPS that matches public cloud performance.

What OS can I install in it ?

We are able to install wide range of Major Linux distribution. Our Hypervisors are able to install Windows and Appliances such as mail gateway etc.

What are advantages of VPS compared to Dedicated Servers?

The primary benefit of using a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is its swift Return to Operation (RTO). By hosting your application or website within a VM, we can effortlessly replicate, back up, and restore it. In the event of a VPS failure, our restoration process typically takes just 5-10 minutes, in stark contrast to dedicated servers, which often demand several hours to replace malfunctioning hardware.

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