6 Tips for Every Website Owners to Read

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6 Tips for Every Website Owner to Read


Your website is your business’s online identity and it needs to be simple and user-friendly. You want to leave a great impression on anyone who visits your well designed and developed website. Here are some tips consolidated for you website owners to take note of:



Poor navigation of your website will leave a bad impression on your business. If the people who visit your site could not find the information they want, chances of them leaving your site are high. Instead, your visitors should be able to navigate your site naturally and effortlessly. What you can do is to place the important links on the main menu bar and secondary links somewhere else.



Readers need to be able to understand what your business is offering and how your products and services can help in solving their problems. Cramming too many words on a page make readers suffer from information overload. Information overload will also increase the chances of them leaving your website.


You might want to do away the details and focus on the main objective(s) that you want to communicate with your audience. So, get straight to the point!



I can’t stress enough on the importance of readability and legibility. Apart from filtering what does and doesn’t deserve attention from your readers, you should refrain from cramming too many things on a single page.


You may have heard the term “whitespace” or “negative space” from others and wonder what they meant; it simply refers to the spaces between the elements on your website such as between paragraphs of text. Effective use of negative space will help the reader to focus on your content and guide them through the site. Remember, you want attention and not the distraction!



Creative and good copywriting is a skill. You may think that setting up a website is easy but the content can either make or break it. This also means having good photographs on your website. You wouldn’t want to censored photographs on your site! If you do not have the time and skill to craft and prepare your content properly, spend some money and engage a professional to do it. It will be worth it!



Keeping momentum is important. Constantly update your website with new content as your readers will be interested to see what new products or services you are offering and how it can help them in solving their problem.



With the advancement of technologies, we do not only access the Internet via our computers but mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Therefore, it should be kept in mind that your website needs to be mobile-friendly. However, it is more than just fluid layouts and there are many more things to take into consideration such as the various user experience via different platform devices.

There are definitely much more things to consider and take note of in having a good website but I hope that the above tips are good enough for you to get started!


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