Web Design Trends 2018

Web design trends 2018

Web Design Trends 2018

Web design has been constantly evolving and in a world where people love trendy things. Therefore, web designers are encouraged to keep up with the web design trends. Let’s discuss some of the web design trends that are popular in 2018.


(a) Brand Colour
When choosing a colour scheme for your website, it is natural to work around your business brand dominant colour. There is certainly nothing wrong with using your brand colour. In fact, it can improve your brand identity and be easily recognised when it is memorable to your audience.

(b) Colour Gradients https://uxplanet.org/why-gradients-are-back-to-rule-in-2018-8b36711c335f
Colour gradients are getting popular again. With the right colours, your colour gradients can create unique, modern and refreshing colours to your website. With the help of the colour wheel, you can play around with three different colours to get an aesthetically pleasing gradient.


(a) Serifs
Moving on to typography, Serif fonts are definitely not unfamiliar to us web designers. Serifs are back in the web design trend. They are no longer seen as fonts that are only used in the past.

Big and bold text with personality creates an impression. Moreover, they capture the attention of the audience immediately.

Scrolling Effects

Parallax effect is in the latest web design trend. It adds interactivity between your audience and your website. It is a scrolling effect that moves along as you scroll down or up a website, giving it a 3D illusion effect.


Flat designs are generally found in a minimalistic website. Therefore, the interfaces will be greatly affected because the elements found on the interfaces such as icons and buttons used should have no depth at all. Hence, texts and colours are used to communicate with the users. With that being said, only include elements and content that are necessary to achieve that page’s goals. Adding more white spaces will give your website a clean look. This allows your audience to get your message at first glance.

Furthermore, Material design by Google is a great source for minimalistic web design.

Layout (Broken grid layouts)

Last but not least, the layout structure of the overall web design. In structured and grid layouts, the way we place our content in a website may be restricted. With broken grid layouts, there is more freedom in the way we arrange the contents. However, this does not mean that the the grid layout will be neglected entirely. Images and text elements can drift into and across the gutters that usually serve as an end point.



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