Are Mobile Apps Necessary?

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When I visit our Hanoi Office in Vietnam, I notice that the people there do not stick on to their phones as much as Singaporeans do. In Singapore shopping malls I normally bump into people that are so into their mobile phones.

Like it or not, the world is changing and morphing at an extreme fast phase that web design companies like us have to adapt to changes. Since 2015 our team has been learning technologies such as Ionic Framework, Cordova Phone Gap and React mobile application development frameworks.

So Are Mobile Apps Necessary?

Yes, mobile apps are absolutely necessary for this modern age, especially responsive web design. If you run a retail business that rewards your customer. The conventional cards no longer work. Using mobile apps enable you to engage your customers in an interactive manner. For example, you can launch a closed-door event for members using mobile apps push notifications which distribute to all your members seamlessly instead of conventional snail mail that many nowadays do not read.

When you are stuck on the road with a flat battery. The first device you use is your mobile phone to search for car battery services. We hope that this article opens up another perspective of mobile apps development in your upcoming project.

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