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Wannacry Singapore Ransomeware Prevention


Recently there’s a huge spread of this ransomware and its extremely contagious. Most ransomware encrypts your data and prevent it unusable. Most ransomware are being spread by emails but this particular is spread with one of exploits of Windows. Currently it stopped spreading because a hero purchased a domain which is a kill switch from preventing it to spread. However the attacker is probably rich by now and will work hard to create new variants of software.


It is advisable to update your windows to latest version and adopt the following strategies.

  1. Setup an offline backup that is not connected.
  2. Ensure your windows operating system is updated
  3. Adopt file sharing services that allows rollback of version.
  4. Offsite backup e.g FTP/Rsync with X days to roll back to untouched versions.
  5. Purchase Antivirus which is reliable e.g Sophos and Webroot.


If you need any assistance in preventing your infrastructure. Kindly contact us so that we can assist in securing your organization.

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